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Image of text: Performances

Here at GhostLight, we specialize in  Artistic and Performance Interpreting. Whether it's straight plays, comedies, musicals, one man shows, concerts, recitals, indoors, outdoors, in person, or virtual.

If it happens on a stage, we've interpreted it. Using specialized interpreting techniques gained years of experience interpreting well over 100 different shows and productions, we pride ourselves in providing the best quality interpreting possible to create fully accessible performances for Deaf and Heard of Hearing patrons. Do you envision the interpreters down stage left in front of the stage? Do you envision the interpreters fully incorporated into the staging? Every project and production is unique. Therefore our services are tailored to fit your specific needs and vision of your show. Contact us and tell us all about yours.

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Image of text: Auditions and Rehearsals

The audition process can be stressful for anyone. Making your auditions accessible and providing clear communication is key for Deaf and Hard of Hearing artists.  We offer onsite and virtual services 

for the audition process. Additionally, once you move into your rehearsal space, we can set up onsite or virtual services for table reads, blocking rehearsals, scene work, notes and more. Contact us to discuss your needs and set up services for your next production.

Audtions and rehearsals
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Image of text: Consulting

So you want to create more accessible theater spaces and experiences for your audiences, casts, and crews, but you have no idea where to start. How do I find interpreters, how do I incorporate Deaf 

artists and crew members in my productions, where should the interpreters stand, how much will this cost...we have the answers to your questions. We provide on site and virtual consulting for your productions. Contact us to set up a visit or a call.

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image of text: education

Education is the first step toward possiblity. We have various workshops that can be presented on site or virtually on several different topics for a variety of audiences. We offer continuing education for 

ASL Interpreters in beginning to advanced theatrical interpreting techniques, script preperation ect. "Sign with the Times" is our training for theater professionals in incoporating ASL interpreters into theatrical spaces. Contact us for your next conference or continuing education event.

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