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Claudia Alick
Exec Producer, Calling Up Justice

You bring cultural competency and a necessary racial diversity to projects. I was so impressed with your ability to bring an artistic eye to the aesthetics of accessibility for our award winning production of Electra with Access Classics.  I reached out to you specifically for The Call/WatchNight 2021 with Calling Up Justice because of the need for racial sensitivity for this Black only event. You provided a soulful and brilliant interpretation allowing us to live our values of access for all. We recommend your services highly.

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Rowen Haigh
Producer, Director, Creator

Working with Keara and Angelique is an amazing experience. They are such passionate, committed, and talented interpreters and they really get the nuances of interpreting performance work. They're my first call anytime I need theatrical interpreting services!

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Wesley Nelson
Artistic Director, Distilled Theatre

Over the past five years I have had the privilege of collaborating with Keara and Angelique on multiple productions. I can say without a doubt they have elevated the artistry and accessibility of each show in which they have performed. Their work transcends providing interpretation for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing community. Their unique focus on Artistic Interpreting raises the bar for theatrical productions. Most recently they worked as members of our Artistic/Production Team to create an original revue which fully integrated American Sign Language into every aspect of the show; the staging, storytelling, and message. Keara and Angelique inspire me to present theatre in new and previously unimagined ways. They truly represent what theatre should be, an accessible and truly reflective medium of the world around us. 

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Broadway Under the Stars 2022
Distilled Theatre Co. Lexington KY

Gallery of Past Projects

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